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Featured Services

The ULTRA MARITIME range of products are at the forefront of nano-technology, developing advance protective coatings for a range of surfaces including glass, wood, metals, GRP and plastics.

On application of the ULTRA MARITIME products, nano particles enter the microscopic natural pores and capillaries of the surface, covalently bonding to the substrate to create an invisible, hydrophobic, highly protective and long lasting coating.

Key Features & Benefits

Hydrophobic, breathability, UV resistant

Waterproof, yet breathable

Increased thermal efficiency

Reduced maintenance cost, fewer cleaning cycles

Ecologically sound

No cleaning chemicals required

Key Features & Benefits

Longevity prevents degradation through prevention of freezen thaw

UV damage, water penetration, weathering

Sustainable less reliance on natural resources through reduced replacement materials

Affordable solutionn attractive ROI

Key Features & Benefits

Princess Motor Yachts use UM solutions to protect they reputation as one of the world’s renowned builders of luxury yachts with an unrivalled industry reputation ofnearly 50 years. Princess combines cutting edge design with meticulous build quality to

create some of the most stylish and elegant

yachts in the world.

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